You should watch: Misfits

So now that the awesomeness of the trailer has your attention…

Misfits is the story of five young offenders – Nathan, Curtis, Simon, Kelly and Alisha – who are accidentally imbued with superpowers when caught in an electrical storm. The characters’ superpowers often complement their personalities or circumstances, providing more meaningful storylines that explore the good, the bad, and the ugly of being “special.”

From left to right: Curtis, Alisha, Nathan, Kelly and Simon

Curtis, once a rising athlete with promise of participating in the Olympics, is given with the ability to turn back time. Alisha, a sassy party-girl who only values men for sex, is imbued with the ability to fill anyone with lust simply by touching them. Simon, the shy loner who spends most of his time making videos for YouTube and chatting with strangers online, suddenly has the power to turn invisible when he feels ignored. Kelly, a tough girl with an attitude, is able to read minds. And Nathan, well Nathan doesn’t seem to have a super power (or does he?).

Within the first few episodes, Misfits clearly demonstrates how superpowers, although often aspirational, can be more of a hinderance than a blessing. For Kelly, the ability to read minds destroys relationships, and for the sexy and superficial Alisha, the ability to have anyone she desires becomes meaningless.


However, their abilities also provide the characters with new perspectives. By the end of the season, Alisha discovers the most meaningful relationship of her life with Curtis – one that isn’t based on sex, but understanding and love. 

Curtis’ ability is by far the most interesting and critical to the plot. The show deals with the consequences of time travel in a mature and realistic manner. By going back in time, Curtis actually changes the show’s storyline, and provides us with a glimpse into a future where he hadn’t joined the rest of the gang for community service.

 Misfits  finished its first season late in 2009, and has already been signed on for a second season by E4 (the brilliant minds who brought you the zombie awesomeness that is Dead Set).



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2 responses to “You should watch: Misfits

  1. annielicious14

    I need to see this! Loved the trailer….

  2. Dave

    Such an awesome show…so much better than Heroes could ever be.

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